No motorcyclists have gone here before |S7 – E3|

In this episode, I am riding to the tiny town of Bhalil, just south of Fez. Nearly no one visits this place and there is only one guesthouse in town. I am trying to reach the guesthouse but with these tiny alleys and stairs everywhere, that’s a bit of a mission! Kamal tells me that no motorcyclist managed to reach his guesthouse before..!

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Gear & Equipment that I use in this season:

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  1. My name is Kamal Chaoui and I’m the lucky owner of the Guesthouse in Bhalil, you know that guesthouse where Noraly honored us by staying for the night in Bhalil 27 km south of Fez. Thank you so much @Tryserratops, Thank you @the Yard, and thank you, @Charles Harris, for your nice words about our singing, I’m the “father” who is singing at the end of this S7 E3, in fact, I gave half an hour to those 2 neighbors girls to teach them English, and I found Cat stevens to help, I wish I could have the time to give more often English or French lessons to my villagers in Bhalil, I know that my compatriots especially young boys or girls are quite gifted in Languages. Your words are rewarding !!!

  2. They must have good mechanics with a load of patience having all those French cars.

  3. Awesome singing very cute.

  4. Salam sehat selalu dari Purwakarta Jawa Barat Indonesia

  5. What month were you in Morocco?

  6. 👍🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦👍

  7. Just a brilliant video with people that make you smile. Priceless

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  9. Top content…

  10. Miguel Angel Ramos Garcia

    Que hermosas personas. No cabe duda que existen personas muy buenas en todo el planeta Tierra. Felicidades Noraly por este recorrido.

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