No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

No Man’s Sky’s 20th free update, Staying power, overhauls the experience of being a freighter captain, with a total remodel for space bases that enables players to construct visually superb structures upon their very own capital ship.


  1. I swear these guys are psychic. I was thinking a while back how good it would be to have towns on planets, then we got Frontiers. just the other day i was thinking how nice it would be to have windows in freighters and more building options, and what do you know…

  2. Just imagine hello games had the time to wait until now to release no man’s sky. There would have been no controversy and no question about it this would have been the greatest game of all time. The disastrous launch tarnished it’s legacy forever.

  3. ꧁༺★中★༻꧂

    Σ(っ °Д °;)っ

  4. Hm looks like time to get back into no man’s sky and start a new save file

  5. Your game is superb, well done. I expect No Man’s Sky and Starfield to lead the space game genre for the next decade.

  6. Love this game, thanks for not giving up on it <3

  7. Nice, buuuut I was super confused and didn’t recognise my freighter anymore. Now I have to redo everything in it. Can I no longer place a portal jumper on my freighter? Did not see the option.

  8. the update is not on xbox platforms, could you please fix that

  9. Please let us fly freighters! That’s all I want 😅!

  10. I’m on Xbox series S and no update. been waiting all day. tried refreshing internet connection ,clearing the cache, even uninstall and reinstall. nothing, absolutely nothing. . cant find anything about the update online other than its “Avalable/out now” when its clearly not for me.

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