No Flag Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s formally unofficial flag.


  1. Is it just me or is there no audio?
    Edit: i have to press my head against the speakers in order to hear it. welp, desperate times require desperate measures.

  2. TheThreshermansson

    The Union Flag / Union Jack is also the Offical flag of Northern Ireland and that is whom it represents in Parliament
    The British / Protestant /Loyalist (misguided or otherwise ) people of Northern Ireland love their Flags and treasure both The Union Jack and Red Hand White Star & Crown Ulster Flag with passion and fly them in great abundance in the few month ahead with love and pride

  3. Ihatequests Dev

    Still waiting for your video about the reservations.

  4. NI is a backward shit hole full of religious nut jobs. Quicker we English dump these weirdos out of the union the better.

  5. You didn’t explain the Star of David though…

  6. Doesn’t the red St. Andrew’s cross count as Ireland? Isn’t it Wales that’s excluded from the UK flag?


  8. Love the format. More of this!

  9. consensual clown

    Damn grey

  10. Earth Energy Evolutions

    Yes colonized!!!!!!!!!!!!

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