Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022

Tune in for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of info mostly concentrated on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.

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  1. I was hoping for some metroid prime announcements. 🙁 some of the other games do look pretty sweet though!

  2. Nintendo switch is coming to an end when You know there’s a just dance Game coming to the console

  3. 💞Sanny Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞

    Im SO EXCITED FOR IB. Been wanting a way to replay it after all these years!

  4. So Octopath. Is the setting a world where only light skinned people exist? Not complaining or anything, just curious.

  5. Muchos juegos de gestión/cultivo/temporadas con RPG, esto me suena a los buenos tiempos del 3DS xD

  6. I changed my mind this direct of dogshit

  7. Oh my god! THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY BAR LINE !!! I yelled. I am so hyped I played Curtain Call for years and got every DLC for this game. I am so excited I wished for something like this for years! We are getting the Nier soundtrack too!? I never dropped $100 so fast. I hope the Chrono Cross soundtrack is in there too!
    Bayonetta 3 is another game I am so excited for. All these farming games got me intrigued too! This was a good direct! <3


  9. Albert Blas Calle Ramirez

    farmers game hahah

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