Nilah: The Joy Unbound | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

Evil falls to festive strength. You will know her name.

Made in collaboration with Little Zoo Studio.

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  1. Giorgos Anastasiadis

    Oh god thats a mix of Irelia and Gwen. This is gonna be so fun…….

  2. I’m so glad I main Malzahar. Those dashes are ridiculous.

  3. Discozombie 0612

    Insane Mobility in general:Check
    Cleanse(!?): Check
    Have fun balancing team

  4. Samira 2.0

  5. 100 years

  6. she looks fun! i know she has alot dashes, but she might be pretty cool

  7. モンキー D.ルフィ

    Cool champ, she looksIndian

  8. The animation of her in the ending scene is horrible. Quality is declining it seems in both own standards to animations and character design.
    But at least the boys from rekraGaminG will have a lot of fun with another high mobilty champ. 😁

  9. Well that’s nice

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