Niemann: I Have NEVER Cheated Over The Board | Round 5

Hans Niemann speaks to Alejandro Ramirez after a draw with Dominguez during the 5th round of the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. Hans defends himself on rumours of cheating, his accent, and lots more.



  1. Biggest real life supervillain arc i’ve ever witnessed. hopefully he can push through the hate and people will come out and apologize. levon aronian is one of the only top GMs who is wise and not just clever

  2. Well done young man. I’m a big big fan of Magnus. However I support you buddy. Unless there’s proof, don’t let them affect you. Maybe people don’t believe in hardwork anymore

    Edit: qg3 was a super move vs firouzja. Even he was confused

  3. You can see the device in Hans pocket when he stands up after the handshake with Magnus.

  4. They are going after Hans because he beat Magnus. Some people believe they are better than everyone else and it can only be a cheater that wins.

  5. magnus= sore loser

  6. I’m with you Hans. ♥️

  7. IF he did cheat in this instance, it will eventually come up again in this tournament or the next, because success can be addicting. It’s hard to stop a habit that grants you advantages the opponent can’t match. They absolutely need some sort of proof for any accusations at levied at Hans even if it’s at the preponderance level.

  8. Well done Hans

  9. Where has his accent gone?

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