Nick Saban after 52-49 loss to Tennessee | Alabama loses to Tennessee Volunteers

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Alabama Crimson Tide Football video clips from Tuscaloosa, Alabama from the staff at

00:00 Opening
2:30 ownership at the finish of game
3:20 Defense vs No Huddle
4:15 Being Consistent
5:10 crowd noise
6:06 Late PI call
6:57 Bryce Young


  1. The guy with eyes reaction time is slower then a blind guy

  2. Perdictions on SEC championship?
    Ten vs GA, Ole Miss, Bama?

  3. A thought occurred to me, we should start a petition to the various platforms where you can download games (mobile, PC, and so forth) and have them add a “Gray” category to their search filter option. Seriously, there seems to be enough of these games that it would work

  4. Good game tho. We know ur a Legend 🙂

  5. hehdhhdhd bdbsbdhgdg

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  7. For the poor kid #34 that made the mistake on trying to recover a ball that wasn’t touched by Kool-Aid, shake it off bro. You were engaged in blocking, the ball took a funny hop and out of the corner of your eye, from your angle, it looked like it came off the returner. It hurts I know, but learn from it and move forward. Roll Tide for life!

  8. What will the poor state of Alabama do it the Crimson Tide football dynasty ends? LOL. College football is about all that sad state has to crow about. I once heard a woman (Alabama native) going on about Georgia, and how once you leave Atlanta, Georgia was “nothing.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Here she was of course LIVING and WORKING in Atlanta, graduated college at Georgia State, saying something like that. The only sort of big city AL has is Birmingham which is NOTHING compared to Atlanta, and the other parts of AL are as bad as the most rural parts of Georgia, I’ve been there. She also pronounced the word “bank” as “by-ank.” I think she was Alabama’s finest!

  9. The Dynasty is Over. Ga put the knife in the Gumps hearts in January

  10. Nick Hollingsworth

    130 yards given to Tennessee and your yelling game of the year! Have people gone mad? What a way to end 15 year streak. Unworthy Win

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