Nick Eh 30 responds to NEW Prime Shotgun in Fortnite!

New Fortnite update v21.30!

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  1. One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates..A•S 🟥

  2. Nick is just so good! The way he outplays everyone is so satisfying

  3. The new shotgun is stupidly nasty

  4. yo nick stop bullying these pub players dam u got way better than when I use to watch your gameplay keep up the grind

  5. Ypu light up my mood thanks nick

  6. This man is still using Indiana Jones glider from last video. I loved that ending in the last video

  7. I feel bad about the people who kill

  8. Nick your keep up the good work and loving the truth streams

  9. ’_Dayquan’. ’Hover’.

    ‘Sincerely ‘ … ‘_Dayquan.’A’.’B’.

    ‘Uh ‘huh’!!!!!’?’ … ‘Prove ‘_’you ‘protect ‘intelligent ‘congressional ‘citizens ‘while ‘living ‘on ‘this ‘planet’!!!!!’. ‘Prove ‘_’you ‘cleaner ‘and ‘stop ‘spying ‘on ‘random ‘people ‘work ‘skills’.

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