Nick Eh 30 responds to Fortnite Season 2!

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 (MEGA) has released!!
0:00 100 players vs Motor Bike (Victory Crown Rogue)
0:19 Season 2 MEGA Cinematic Trailer
0:27 Season 2 Launch Gameplay Trailer
0:55 Mega City POI
1:45 Grind Rails (Roller Coaster)
3:24 New POIs (Steamy Springs, Kenjutsu Crossing)
3:32 Kinetic Blade
5:18 New Cars (Nitro Drifter)
6:02 New Motor Bike (Victory Crown Rogue)
7:23 Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
7:30 New Sniper Scope Glint/Glare
8:02 Floating Rift Island (Loot Lake)
8:34 Overclocked Pulse Rifle (Mythological)
9:30 Winning with the Kinetic Blade
9:49 Emote Glitch on Grind Rails
10:26 Mythic Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle & Key Card
10:40 New Loot Vault at Mega City
10:47 Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun & Mythic Slurp Juice
11:04 Funny Moments
12:45 100 Players Ride the Grind Rails
13:06 100 Players vs Kinetic Blade
13:24 Outro (Code NickEh30 please and thank you)


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  1. The new season is crazy PLEASE Nick
    can i get my FIRST battle pass my epic name: CandySweeeet

  2. Insane editing skill displayed in this vid🔥

  3. What is going on? The games crae rn and I love it! Change my mind if u dare

  4. Nick can you add me in fortnite

  5. Can’t wait to see him do 100 players with what’s to come in this new ehmazing season

  6. 4:14
    Nick did the nastiest transition and thought nobody would notice

  7. 4:51 – 4:55 that transition was smooth

  8. Nvm Nick makes me feel a lot better cause he is just so chill and clam and funny

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  10. *Sign of relief
    Nick: “There’s more!!” 🤣🤣

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