Nick Diaz on UFC 266 return, battling Robbie Lawler & more | ESPN MMA

Nick Diaz sits down with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto in advance of his rematch vs. Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 and talks about how Nick feels as his first fight in the UFC in over 6 years nears, as well as how witnessing his sibling Nate’s latest bout made an impact on him.

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  1. This interview is as real and as honest as it gets

  2. This shows you a glimpse of the negative aspects of fighting. It’s different from all the other interviews, but he is being real with us (not that others aren’t.)

  3. Erik Trys to Climbs Up Things

    I feel like i just watched a therapy session.

  4. This guy talks in riddles

  5. Dana White and his BS against Nick ruined a good thing. Just like Jerry Krause and his BS ruined a good thing with Jordan and the Bulls. Always wanting to be the boss and wanting the spotlight.

  6. Sounds like a wise man trying to make the best of the situation, simultaneously reflecting on his own perceived short-comings and over-compensation regarding his career.

  7. I can hear Uncle Chael say “why are we here”

  8. Nothing but love for the Diaz Brothers.

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