Nice try, “Liz”.

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0:00 – intro
2:46 – elizabeth who?
7:38 – introducing “liz” holmes (lol)
22:15 – no one is falling for this btw…
25:29 – determination

elizabeth holmes just strived to make one of the worst comebacks I have ever seen (ft. the new york times)


  1. Gabs The Gamer

    I hope it’s Billy McFarland because that douche needs to be locked away. He really thought he could get away with Fyre and even when it went down, he kept acting like he was untouchable. I hate him so much

  2. Devastating

  3. Fit way better than last time

  4. 21:43 she is a dictator type person. She just wants to hold to her idea as good and helpful no matter how it negatively impact others.

  5. The delivery for the short “Nobody’s Perfect” by Hannah Montana joke at eh 9:30 mark is going to have me giggling for days to come, so thank you.

  6. Marga Esperanza

    So many (poorer) women who have done less than her have gave birth in jail. I don’t understand why she got a pass.

    Actually, I do understand why and it makes me even more frustrated.

  7. Martin shkreli?

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