NFL Playoff Picture: Steve Kornacki gives a bird’s-eye view after Week 17 | FNIA | NBC Sports

Steve Kornacki runs through which teams have been eradicated from playoff contention and who still has a swath to the postseason after Week 17.
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Emmy Award winners Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continue to follow all the action from the kiosk, along with Michele Tafoya from the field.


  1. PackerFanHighlights

    GREEN Bay

  2. I hate to be the one who corrects Steve Kornacki because his stuff is super on point usually, but not *quite* this time.

    The reason the 7/8/9 seeds are Seattle/Detroit/Green Bay deals with the NFL’s tiebreaking procedures. Most notably, when 3 or more clubs are tied for a WC spot, you always start by using divisional tiebreakers to get each division down to 1 team. Detroit beat Green Bay earlier this year, so by default, they have the head-to-head. If they beat Detroit, obviously they leap them in standings, and their conference record is already better than Seattle, so GB would go 7-5 conference and Seattle 6-6. Seattle isn’t better than GB right now conference at all.

    GB’s game being conference is entirely irrelevant in week 18 because Seattle’s game is also conference….so is every team in Week 18.

    Seattle right now does NOT have the conference tiebreaker over Green Bay right now, and both teams winning won’t change that. They have the H2H tiebreaker over Detroit, and Detroit eliminates GB in a 3 way tie in week 17 because they have the H2H over GB, something which becomes irrelevant if GB wins because they have the better record.

    The reason Seattle holds the top spot if Detroit and Seattle both win is simply because Seattle beat Detroit H2H so that trumps conference.

    tl;dr: Detroit beats GB in tiebreakers, Seattle beats Detroit in tiebreakers, GB beats Seattle in tiebreakers, and it’s only because Detroit is over GB that Detroit is over Seattle. If Detroit had lost yesterday, it would be GB in the 7 slot right now, not Seattle.

  3. PackerFanHighlights

    What if Seattle loses to the rams and the packers tie to the lions?

  4. That’s why the NFL needs Reg Season Tie Breaker Matches

  5. Well wtf? The Rams are a conference team. If the Seahawks are in 7th bow because of conference standings, why wouldn’t they keep 7th with a win regardless of what GB does?

  6. Watch the bucs make it so the superbowl somehow …

  7. Everyone knows the Lions are better than the Seahawks, but we are screwed because the tie breaker. If we don’t make it because the Seahawks win next week too, I’m going to be so disappointed

  8. Where did they find this clown?

  9. Nobody:
    NBC production meeting – “oh yeah and Steve, you’re the “numbers guy”, hold this piece of paper and dress like an accountant.”

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