Newegg Scammed Us

Newegg torn us off when we strived to return a product by asserting it was “broken,” in spite of being in the same condition as how they dispatched it.
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Newegg claimed that the pins on our motherboard were bent (even though we never even opened it), then when we called them out, they claimed there was “thermal paste” on the socket. They fought tooth and nail to deny our $500 refund, apparently making up new stories at every corner. Newegg might try this on all motherboards, but has special leeway to do it on open box products. Don’t buy them. We will be avoiding Newegg as much as we can for all future motherboard purchases (and purchases in general). It’s unacceptable that everything was magically refunded and sent back and resolved after we tweeted publicly, yet we got no support when acting as a normal customer.

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00:00 – Be Wary of Newegg
01:38 – Here’s What Happened
05:06 – Newegg Cares If You’re a YouTuber
08:00 – Shady Open Box Practices
11:00 – “Just Reject the Shipment!”
12:28 – Undercover Warranty Investigation
15:17 – Support Chat & Ranting
21:05 – Conclusion


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Video: Keegan Gallick


  1. Has Newegg done something similar to you? POST IN THE COMMENTS so you can help other people who have the same problem!
    Support our work and get a product that’s actually supported well, like the GN Modmat, Toolkit, Mouse Mat, or shirts: (in stock & shipping now!)
    Watch our undercover warranty test on NZXT:
    Or our undercover test on Intel:

  2. After spending thousands of dollars with Newegg, I stop doing business with them a few years ago because they gave my information (without consent or notification) to a third party that ended up involving state agency and cost me more money in the end. Newegg even mentioned that they would make it up but chose to sweep the whole issue under the rug. Don’t ever do business with this scummy company, they are dishonest and down right criminal.

  3. good you made this video for people who may have to go to small claims court a judge could use this info to make his decision also i have had to return a board bent pin I’m highly expecting flak from new egg and have already notified tech support at new egg i expect to get flack even though they offered to replace it them self’s if they had my board in stock in which they said they didn’t but i sent a link to this video and i got a return email saying they are aware of this and are highly watching this situation

  4. Sent complaint to NewEgg saying I’m done with them and that I will pass this news onto others.

  5. This is crazy because probably 10 years ago, I bought the incorrect motherboard (Asus P8Z77-V LK) brand new from newegg and wanted to return it. Went through the same process for return. I opened the motherboard but not the CPU socket with the cover. I shipped it back and got the same rejection email, they ALSO claimed there was thermal paste on it! Holy shit, this is too real! I had never touched the CPU socket! We went back and forth for days before they finally processed it. It was frustrating to say the least. Crazy that they’re still doing this.

  6. Newegg’s been on a downward trend for years man.

  7. Critical Thinking

    Thanks for taking the time to do a video on this. I have freinds that have eaten products from newegg due to damage when received. I think they know the product is bad when they send it. They just dont care if they get your return business.

  8. Never had to return an item from Newegg, but they did delete all my reviews. I made sure they complied with all their over the top standards, but they even deleted the good reviews.

    These outlets have been scamming people hard for a couple years now. It’s not just Newegg and it’s not just with returns. I know for a fact they’ve been selling GPUs directly to mining farms, then gouging gamers, enthusiasts, and small time miners who just want to be able to afford games. It wasn’t even 8 hours after the launch of the RTX 3050 before there were some up for sale for nearly $700 each. Remember the MSRP was already twice what the card is worth at $250.

  9. NewEgg sucks

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