New York Yankees complete sweep of Twins to advance to ALCS! | Yankees-Twins Game Highlights

Condensed Game: Gleyber Torres and Cameron Maybin each homered to help the Yankees complete a three-game sweep and advance to the ALCS

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  1. With the payroll and talent the Yankees have they should win the WS every year; primarily the payroll.

  2. Killershootin 69

    Nobody cares if the Yankees win because with the highest payroll they get the least honor. They payed to win. Salary caps are needed.

  3. My ex whom was FBI lol ? her brother was a bodyguard for fat joe for awhile


  5. Joe Mauer. I loved that guy, despite being a Yankee fan.

  6. The Fresh King of New York

    Minnesota twinkies

  7. That was expected. It’s the Yankees

  8. Twins lose, it’s over!
    so what if the Minnesota Vikings beat the New York Giants on Sunday?
    New York got revenge on Minnesota when Yankees swept Twins on Monday!

  9. ALCS is over now that the New York Yankees on a concentrator of the World Series for the 2019 is it only just to step up over the keep moving her next championship just saying everyone because who that could be it

  10. Love us or hate us, we are the greatest team of mlb history #letsgoyankees

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