New York Jets vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2023 Week 2 Game Highlights

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  1. “As a Jets fan, that game was painful but gg cowboys y’all deserved to win today honestly. Good luck this season” Absolutely! These athletes make it look effortless.

  2. “As a cowboys fan this is the best team I’ve ever seen our team. I hope we stay healthy” interesting comment 🧐

  3. The best games are played when the other team doesn’t have any highlights 🤣💪🏾 #DC4L

  4. How do you recognize Cowboys fans? They complain about HOW they won😂

  5. 2of3 INT were b/c the recvr gave up on the route, the other was youthful exuberance. If the JETS’ defense had not tried to make every play a big play, and instead focused on solid coverage, like they did last week, then this would have been a close game. Self-immolation.

  6. “Good all around game boys. Best part they have a dependable kicker” Totally nailed it! Those skills are unmatched.

  7. Dak is going to miss it all up

  8. As an Eagles fan, the Cowboys are scary this year. Well played. Congratulations To Whoever Had The Cowboys Defense In Fantasy Football.

  9. Jerry Jones, PLEASE go get AJ Dillion from Green Bay. He’s not doing ANYTHING with the Packers and he would totally CRUSH our red zone scoring.

  10. “In all my 28 years of living have I seen a time this promising ! Let’s go cowboys !” Ikr! That was insane!

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