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  1. Rg

  2. Buys the battle pass and doesn’t go Vader for the video

  3. U guys killed me 😂

  4. I think I just came up with a cool idea for all the spray paints we’ve gotten over the past few years now. Why don’t Epic let us add those spray paints on our builds like you can use the 1 spray picture on your walls I think it’d be pretty sick since everyone hardly ever uses the sprays

  5. Can you give me the master chief one you can join me

  6. Ripsaw vs Lightsaber?

  7. Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    Ive never seen them lose hight like that before dropping them was their smartest move

  8. Wanna play together

  9. Yoooo love it

  10. Possible POI changes coming this season(none confirmed or leaked, just a concept):
    Barn: neo tilted(only one leaked), OG prison, soccer field

    Bugle: vaders fortress, pressure plant, coral, slurpy swamp

    Sleepy sound: salty, retail, snobby shores, fatal fields, flush factory, steamy stacks, pleasant park, lazy links

    Temple: tomato town/temple, haunted hills, OG factories, junk junction, racetrack, indiana jones theme

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