NEW PS5 System Update: Discord Voice Chat, VRR 1440p, Redesigned Game Hubs, & More.

The most up-to-date PlayStation 5 system update is here and this one principally concentrates on evolving features that have been put in place within the last year or so. Discord support finally has voice calls, 1440p can enable VRR, and Game Hubs have seen another slight rework. As per usual, there is a laundry list of other minor changes and enhancements as well, so this is everything that’s been found til now! Pretty nifty huh? Firmware and all that. Gotta love it. Update me baby. Mmm.

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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – VRR Updates For 1440p
0:33 – Discord Voice Calls For PS5
1:36 – New Voice Commands
2:24 – Redesigned Game Hubs
3:13 – New Share Screen Accessibility
3:23 – Join Game Session From Voice Card
3:32 – Cross Play Update For Cards
3:42 – PS Mobile App Online Status
3:47 – PS VR Filters For Game Library
3:57 – Game Lists Sorting & Filters
4:14 – Multiplayer Game Presets
4:33 – PS4 Saved Data Migration Update
5:00 – PS5 To PS5 Data Transfer
5:14 – No More Download vs Disc Issues
5:45 – Manually Upload Captures
5:58 – Keyboard Updates
6:25 – Screen Reader Enhancements
6:54 – DualSense Wireless Updates
7:03 – Authorized Apps Setting
7:10 – Two Updates That Are A Little Weird

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  1. Been a min Ryan, nice shirt btw. 👀. I mean hoodie. 👀

  2. Witcher Bob's Media Corner

    Mystic #11 on trending let’s go. Good too see a quality content creator in there.

  3. Ballooned Raccoon

    I still plugged my controller in to update it lol 😆 🙃 😅

  4. Sigurd Werdammen

    Can i use this LG 27GP850-B with 1440p + VRR ?

  5. The new update made my PS5 question it existence.

  6. tutorial for ps4!

  7. Healer Scaletta

    does it work on ps4?

  8. #24 on trending 🔥🔥

  9. Imagine watching this video in 1998 while playing a ps1 lol dam how we advanced.

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