New iPhone: The WORST Time to Buy New Tech

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When is the right time to purchase a new iPhone? What about RAM or an SSD? Turns out, the answers are associated!

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  1. ROBLOX redsizzer123

    YES! I now don’t have to save up more for my future iPhone XS as it will be cheaper!

  2. Giorgi Laluashvili


  3. Who else is here after the iPhone 11 announcement

  4. Why should I ever buy fucking phones that cost more than 150$ if I can buy a phone that costs less than 150$ and can do the same but better (audio jack).

    Also, who needs 4 GBs of RAM on a smartphone? I mean wtf?

  5. Did not understand a thing

  6. I’d upgrade my computer every year before i did a stupid ass phone, Lol and if i where to go out and spend a lot of money on a phone and wanted to experience something different i’d get a galaxy fold.

  7. Ecosystem is *UNBEATABLE*

  8. This year’s pixel is going to get a lot of attention… Gona eat a lot of customers of iphone…

  9. That’s it Apple can’t get any worse
    Tim cook :
    Hold my iphone xs miss biss backs wax plus

  10. 2:54 it’s funny that you had to clarify that

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