Here are links our household objects for those who may well be intrigued!

Dining table



Light filtering/blackout window shades



  1. Beautiful. Where did you purchase the rug in the living room?

  2. You have a lovely home.

  3. I adore you sharing your Bible study and books you’re reading. Wonderful 🥰

  4. I need a newborn wall for my four 😍😍😍😍

  5. “And… whatever this is” I know the feels 😂 random kiddo treasures 😂😂

  6. I live in a garage, i hate YT btw

  7. Where did you buy your box to grow roots? Thank you for this nice video.

  8. Although mid-century isn’t my taste, your home looks beautiful. Any smart homeowner knows there’s always certain items u need to spend/invest in a little more & sofas & dining tables are def two of them. Those are great pieces

  9. That’s exactly the dinning room table I want.

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