New God of War Ragnarök Trailer Reaction

So I am going to be occupied for a couple days

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  1. 1:09 No Atreus or Leviathan axe?
    1:27 who is this?????
    1:32 does Atreus have different colored eyes for left and right?
    1:47 still scared of those mistletoe arrows are ya, Freya?
    1:57 Valkyries other than the 9 they saved? are there more than 9 then?
    2:10 going back to Helheim it is!
    2:13 light of Alfheim is still up
    2:31 what is the runic L for? Loki?
    2:50 oooh that trident of Poseidon is coming back for water levels
    2:43 Kratos carrying Tyr?! why?! and looks like through Alfheim and someone trying to catch them
    2:58 finally Skoll and Hatti are here! and looks like Atreus “starts” the chase of the sun and moon thus starting Ragnarok
    3:14 frozen Yggdrasil with Odin’s ravens?
    3:15 jellyfish in Alfheim?
    3:18 what’s the context here with Tyr linked to Kratos via BoC?
    3:24 no Mimir, no BoC, no Atreus. Just Kratos-Leviathan axe vs Thor-Mjolnir plus Thor is taller and fatter hahaha

  2. Is that right way of using bow and arrow I mean arrow should be on the outer side on thumb taking support of the bow to keep it stable right?? But here I see atreus release the arrow in totally opposite way

  3. For the people who stayed this is dlc does it look like it’s dlc now? I will definitely be buying this as it’s on pa4 this trailer was batshit insane and I love it

  4. RAGNAROK is coming and no one can stop it!!!

  5. Game of the year no doubt

  6. I think tyr will free kratos from the curse (blade of chaos)

  7. Shahzad Shah Rashdi

    Love you kura bro

  8. Kaptain kuba…. notice when thor calls back mjolnir he snaps his fingers which is also heard in the video

  9. Kratos is carrying angraboda

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