NEW Debunking “Organic Food” Viral Videos | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Debunking more viral video clips chocolate popcorn, organic honey test, organic butter, microscopic animals crawling on your face & more.
This week we are debunking viral fake videos like how to make chocolate popcorn, how to test if honey is pure or organic, how to test if butter is organic, do microbes live on your face? Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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  1. @How To Cook That 😀

  2. @How To Cook That your hair looks nice! I’m buying it in the uk when it realises

  3. Good job and great videos

  4. Why do people think chocolate popcorn would be good?

  5. Love your videos! They are very entertaining!

  6. The flagella I’m guessing?

  7. sebasbf barajas

    Dave: “this doesn’t look to bad”
    Anyone watching this: DAVE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  8. Cameron Pearce

    Oh my gosh you were at Eastland?? When??

  9. Gaukarn Sharma

    It’s a tape worm Ma’am

  10. Saswata Chakrabarti


  11. They can’t sure YouTube they could sue the channel. YouTube is protected by section 230 which says if its user generated content they are not liable but can curate content that is violent, sexual, or otherwise objectionable. It’s why if one of these channels were to claim copyright on one of your clips you lose the money not YouTube

  12. BodhiDoesStuff

    THE DEDICATION she filmed part of this video 6 months ago!!

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