New Animated Campaign 3 Opening Title | It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme)

Check out our brand-new opening title sequence for our “It’s Thursday Night” Theme Song! We worked with an unbelievably gifted team of animators to bring our Critical Role Theme Song to life.

Animation by Minnow Mountain – @minnowmountain (Instagram)
Craig Staggs (Director of Animation) – @craigstaggs (Instagram)
Steph Swope (Producer of Animation) – @stephswope (Instagram)
Christopher S. Jennings (Assistant Director) – @csjennings_draws (Instagram)
Rachel Dendy (Line Producer) – @racheldendy (Instagram)
Dean Hsieh (Animation Supervisor) – @n8banimation (Instagram)
Nate Bayless (Performance Capture Laboratory) – @deanhsiehart (Instagram)

Song Credits:
Song Title: “It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme)”
Authored by Peter Habib & Sam Riegel
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Habib for Headphone Heist
Recorded at Stash Studios
Vocals by: Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham

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  1. General Kenobi

    Nice animation but still not a fan of the track

  2. I didn’t like it. Would’ve liked it more if they had animated their characters instead of themselves. Honestly, if they had the budget for animation, why not? Maybe have a live action scenes of the cast playing at a table, that then focuses down at their miniatures as each one animates to life as the cast plays out a story that unfolds.

  3. sorry but im a little dissapointed here. CR used to get wonderful high quality traditional 2D animation of their characters and now…. roto? really? did the budget go down or something? beside, they already had a super cute filmed one, why change it if its to lower the quality?

  4. that’s such a cool intro. love it!

  5. The colors in this are absolutely beautiful, this is *stunning*.

  6. It’s cool I guess, but the previous one was so much better. Seeing them in slow-mo and with such chaos gave me chill every time.

  7. This is like… Better than I could do for sure! But it feels underwhelming after the others.

  8. Gotta be honest and say that this intro is just ok for me. The live action was much more fun. But we all know that C2 Your Turn To Roll was the ultimate opening and will never be topped.

  9. This was not very good, I’m sorry

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