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  2. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress. Great job! You’re in Texas, which should have pretty good humidity, and have solar. Why not try collecting water from the air? Condense some of that humid air.

  3. Slates? I think you mean slats lol.

  4. Wow what a great difference it makes xx so happy for you guys. You have both worked so hard.

  5. Everything looks great………loving it and love the reaction to the lights! LOL She is such a character! Both of the kids are growing up just way way too fast.
    Everything on the home looks so beautiful……….now it’s time to chill and enjoy for a bit!

  6. I will be glad for you , but sad for me, when you’re finished. I found you by accident on about your third one. I have watched ever since. I especially appreciate how doing things with the greatest of care. Nothing sloppy. I’ve told several people about Life Uncontained and urged them to watch, too. It’s not just the building that makes your show great. It’s you’re personalities and the really great way you put it together, including the music choices. Looking forward to you having other projects you will share with us. Good Luck I’m sure you could use a little break, but don’t stay away too long.

  7. Sorry just wanted to ask, not that it matters, what is “relleviate”?

  8. I have no idea if this is even possible but what if 2 water containers could be installed underground to capture rain water directly via like a grate style drain to back fill the above ground water containers? I’m just assuming that you’d get more water from direct saturation than from roof run off. But I’m just a city boy so I may be just reaching???? Also stands to reason that you’d get more critters in that ground water than from the above ground containers…….However, if my idea is even slightly viable I’m sure that Spenser is THE GUY to make it work!

    Anyhoo, Congrats Guys!!!!! It’s been a journey and we’re all here for the next leg of that journey!!!

  9. Gilbert Valiente



  10. The slat thingies are called balustrades.

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