Never Go to This Gas Station

Never Go to This Gas Station, DIY and automobile repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Gas station fails. The worst gas stations to visit. Gas station pump schemes. Why not to fill your automobile up at these gas stations. Why some gas stations are a scheme. Bad places to get gasoline. Car Advice. DIY automobile repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the previous 51 years.

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  1. The past few days I’ve been doing a test on the live stream question videos by making them longer with more questions but no funny pictures to see what you guys preferred. I’ve decided to keep the same format as before, shorter videos with funny pictures instead of longer ones without the pictures, since I don’t have time to do both. So all videos will once again have the pictures, thanks for the input and support!

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    • +Chad Dentandt when you consider the idea that the actual price was $2.779 a gallon it’ll start to make more sense. Also the idea that 5 gallon proofers as used to test/calibrate all normal flow dispensers have to be inspected on an x basis to ensure they are accurate it sort of makes your makeshift line inaccurate.

    • +Chalk Z28 any station with new-ish dispensers have filters for each product. Granted there are different kinds, but the standard is phase separation/water detection in which case the filter plugs and you would get gasoline incredibly slow.

    • Love the format Scotty! When I get home from work, I press play, and listen to it while eating. Then I watch it closely a second time… For the Awesome Pictures! It’s the humor that keeps me coming back! God Bless!

    • Bob the Hat King

      Hooray to Scotty’s funny pictures and memes!

    • +Nick Travis Yes I know but these systems do not always work right. And like he said the state has so many to inspect they are not perfect. When I had water in my tank these systems were in place then.

  2. I own a 2004 Cadillac deville. If I use kwick fill gas I’ll get code bank 2 running lean….head down to road and use tops gas (same price) and better mileage and no codes.

  3. Don’t do meth kids……

  4. My head hurts

  5. U know mechanics get 3000 dollars just to fking install a pump. U should not even be talking.

  6. I had a feeling the “Top Tier” label was a bunch of horsesh*t. The best gas brand is really dependent on what type of car you drive. My car for instance runs fine on anything but it runs the best (my opinion based on driving habits) on Shell, Sunoco, 76 and a regional brand here in the Atlanta area. Scotty’s point is use your personal preference but be wary of stations that might scam you…..

  7. There’s still a few full service stations in maine for nostalgia reasons

  8. This is the first time in months that they put a genuine dte video on trending. Thanks for the info Scotty ⛽

  9. Only if Toyota had gas stations!?

  10. Here, in NJ, we don’t like to leave our DNA on the pump, that’s why, ok Scotty. You got a problem with that?

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