Never, EVER Buy An Abandoned Show Car (Biggest Automotive Mistake Of My LIFE)

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  1. I’d recommend to get an integra four door and build to a type r spec with the AWD power train.

  2. يوكي / Yuuki


  3. Talentless Cooking

    I always liked the CRX

  4. Jonathan Lawrence

    Build a S2000

  5. GrimReaper4383


  6. Manifest Motorsports

    I say go Integra with the K24

  7. Did you give it the finger as it drove away on the tow truck?

  8. Tavarish you bring hope of pimp my ride for 2022 👍

  9. If you’re gonna do something that awesome, find a Del Sol, and kit it out. IMO it’s the best looking Honda they’ve ever made.

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