Netherlands v Japan – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

Lieke Martens netted a 90th-minute punishment as the Netherlands advanced to the quarter-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ after recording a win against Japan.

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  1. Jasonite _ gaming

    Japan girls are cute

  2. Might as well make the final game just penalty kicks.

  3. I don’t even watch man World Cup

  4. A French journalist said the best defender has no arms. That penalty is a joke I neutral but I felt so bad for Japan. The ball hit her arm pure hazardous.

  5. Brasil ??

  6. guys stop making the jokes of FIFA penalty world cup it is just how it came out so u cant change that!

  7. the only thumbnail with some hot thighs so far

  8. Congratulations Nederland I love Ladies of Nederland so sexy
    From Egypt ??

  9. Penalty kick for unintentional handball shall be banned… unless you can chop off everyone’s hands

  10. There needs to be a rule change with hand balls. The ball hits her above the elbow as she’s putting her arm back. Cmon now.

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