Netflix’s Persuasion was a flop and nobody was stunned

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  1. Deb Ideiosepius

    Great video. I love reading Austen, over and over… The merest glance at this hot steaming pile of codswallop that is the Netflix Persuasion is enough to send me running. I assume it is aimed at people who can’t read literature, have never enjoyed Austen’s work and probably have the attention span of a tiktoc post.

  2. Hard Time to stay inside The film cause The clothes etc throw me off all The timee

  3. Brittany Williams

    Meh. I kinda liked it. Not in an “I’ll watch this more than once” kind of way, but I watched at 6:30am when I woke too early. So I wasn’t holding It to any real standard. It was an okay watch.

  4. Since you ask so nicely 😊 my favourite Jane Austen adaptation is the BBC 2009 Emma 4-part series with Romona Garai and Jonah Lee Miller. It’s very charming without being too saccharine.

  5. Kaitlin Hallahan

    You can really tell you don’t work for a living by your eyebrows

  6. You say Anne Hathaway had a terrible English accent but Dakota Johnson’s wasn’t great either 😩 she had American slips almost every sentence and there’s nothing worse in a movie you’re trying to dive deep into the world of than a janky accent job.

  7. I went and watched it just to watch this 😅😂

  8. Jungkook’s 80 dollar mattress

    0:18 I was half asleep but as someone who listened to hours and hours to bts piano covers to calm my anxiety I see what you’re doing…. serendipity then

  9. I couldn’t agree more! And for me, the so called modern language didn’t feel -er- modern. I’m an older woman and the script sounded like the vernacular of the 1970s rather than the 21st century. If you even ignore the fact that the film describes itself as Austen, it isn’t even an enjoyable rom-com. I thought some of the casting choices were good- the two sisters and father, for example. But there was zero chemistry between Johnson and Jarvis- no tension, no sense they had a history. And when Wentworth says Anne has ‘a quiet dignity’ I thought he must have been speaking of another character. I beg their producers not to waste their money on more Austen based films!

  10. Off topic but i’m in love with your dress. It reminds me of the Pride and Prejudice (2005) ballroom dancing scene.

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