Neil deGrasse Tyson: Finding Extraterrestrial Life Might Unify Earth’s Residents

America’s favorite astronomer foretells what might happen if (or when) the residents of Earth authenticate the existence of life beyond this planet. #Colbert #NeildeGrasseTyson #Interviews

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  1. It makes me feel good that I said this myself in 8th grade, back in 1993. I wrote a paper on it, and how aliens landing on Earth would change us and unify us. I was ahead of my time!

  2. As to whether he may have any regrets or may have learned anything, he remains evasive.

  3. Nope. If conservatives learn about a new life form that they cannot control, exploit, or understand, they will try to kill it. Definitely no unificating on that end.

  4. Incubus Contreras

    Unify humanity….. Not likely

  5. No one knows anyone’s truths unless spoken or given.Brilliant mind leave him alone

  6. Nutritious EggRoll

    aww man
    i really want neil to discuss the issues going on right now with
    global warming

  7. The “me too movement” has done as much bad as it has good… there are fucking nut jobs out there that see too much into situations and make things out to be way more than they really are. Companies will start to exclude women from gatherings where there may be social drinking where deals are done. I have personally been to events where a female co worker had 1 too many drinks and made a fool of herself… there would have been nothing to stop her from saying she didn’t know what happened out of embarrassment and anyone seen with her would’ve been suspected of wrongdoing. It’s a crazy world we live in now and a he said, she said can end careers and ruin lives.

  8. law Office of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

    I liked this guy ever since the first time he spoke after assuming the reins from his predecessor Carl Sagan. Both passionate, eloquent speakers.
    As with the case involving Senator Al Franken. You get this deep down gut feeling this guy is on the up and up and getting railroaded for what ever the reason. You, by no means, are not alone my friend

  9. He clearly just watched Independence Day

  10. might unify physics*

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