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SPEED MAN – Dave Simon
Nook’s Cranny (Alt ver.) – Nintendo
Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses
Welcome To The Jungle – Midi edition
Intro Theme – The Need For Speed
Psychonaught – Captain Ginger
Sunny Jim – De Wolfe Music
Hello Again – De Wolfe Music
A Touch of Class – De Wolfe Music
Stealth Run – Morphadron
Orion – Cypher
Activator – Morphadron
Going Down On It (Clean Version) – Hot Action Cop
Keep It Comin’ – Unkle Kracker
Sphere – Humble Brothers
Kimosabe – BT
Feels Just Like it Should (Timo Maas Remix) – Jamiroquai
Barrier Break – Diesel Kid + Kaos
Let’s Move – The Perceptionists
The Mann – Paul Linford and Chris Vrenna
Kick It Up a Notch (and others, this is a vertical slice of an adaptive OST) – Paul Linford
Not Sure ’bout This T (and others, this is a vertical slice of an adaptive OST) – Paul Linford
Greene St (piano only) – Nocturnal Spirits (Epidemic Sound)

00:00 – Intro
2:28 – The Need For Speed
3:38 – Ad Break
4:54 – Lightning Spherical
6:36 – Porsche Unleashed
9:18 – Hot Pursuit 2
12:00 – Underground
13:59 – Underground 2
14:43 – Most Desired
25:12 – Conclusion

Andrew Ross
Cale E
Jye Francis
A Tree
Comrade of Homotopia
Kenneth Sabian
Luke Shepherd
Daniel Dorfman
Danny DeVoid of Life
Danny Wolf
-Hero The Triggered Aussie-
Charles Kuzmech
Theresa Kulpa
Christopher Stoll
Jesse Bartels
Jean Machine
Benedikt Müller
Trevor harrington
Sorry Officer
Elysium Ervin



  1. Get PIA VPN for less than $2 a month and 4 Extra Months for FREE, means only $1.98/Month and 83% off!

    • Will Mr.Civic in wall be a returning theme,?

    • @Cinnamon Kittamon Lmfao……. this guy.

    • Make more of this please, I love it and it’s reeaaAlly GOod.

    • I love how your animation looks better than I could of ever imagined with extra details

    • If you do a part 2, try out Need for Speed: Carbon. It’s big ticket mechanic was destructible environments that you could use to either slow down other racers or stop the police from chasing you. It also had a lot of car customization and a story focused around competing against rival racing gangs in a open world map.

      That was my first Need for Speed and it’s been a real long time since I played it, but I honestly can’t think of anything really bad about it. I’d recommend giving it a try.

  2. 麻王AlanStryman

    *eurobeat intensifie*

  3. SplinterCellRocks

    Noodle PLEASE make a sequel! I love this video so much.

  4. holy SHIT you blew it out of the park this time with the freakin animations goddamn holy smokes what the heck it’s awesome, buuuuuuut… i do prefer the old style for the conversational parts, don’t get me wrong it’s amazing stuff but i just like the older, less smooth style, it might be the framerate that puts me off. But, i love this video and would like to see part two and even if you stick to this new style i’ll still watch em

  5. this production value and animation is the best i’ve seen on your channel yet, amazing job and great video as well

  6. also side note: blackbox also made the skate series. My favorite game franchise 🙂

  7. Good video
    Fix your house.

  8. i played Hot Pursuit 2 on the PlayStation 2 :] ahh childhood days of ramming into a wall over and over while the cops piled onto my car

  9. Porsche unleashed PC vs PS… That… used to be normal… That the versions of the same game for different consoles were basically different games, each made basically from scratch by different teams, who often weren’t even in contact.

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