NBA teams should tank for Zion Williamson – Stephen A. Smith | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says NBA teams like the Pheonix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks should be tanking for a participant like Duke’s Zion Williamson.

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  1. Well my suns have a shot to get him cause we suck.

  2. They said targeted tanking as if it’s a sure bet that any of these college players will be stars in the leagues, truth be told you never know. I don’t believe in tanking because I think it ruins the mentality of the players you already have and stunts the growth of your talent, why purposely create a team of losers?

  3. I think if the Nets were the New York Nets instead of the Brooklyn Nets they’d get more attention. The NYC name draws more attention. Brooklyn is just one borough while New York is the entire city. That and the Knicks are one of the original franchises in the league are why they get more attention. Just my theory on the situation.

  4. I’m tired of Cleveland getting all the #1 picks if there’s any team that deserves the #1 pick is the Golden state warriors

  5. Wasn’t Stephen A bitching a few months ago that Cleveland was tanking and shouldn’t get the first pick so they can’t have Zion?

  6. Last year haters be like “Zion just playin’ high school kids, he ain’t gonna do that in College”
    This year haters be like “Zion just playin’ College kids, he ain’t gonna do that in the NBA”
    Next year haters be like “…………………………………He ain’t no Michael Jordan”

  7. Basketball should be on ice. That would be far more entertaining.

  8. Please let him stay healthy he gon be special in this league

  9. He is too one dimensional. He will be the next Dreymond green at best

  10. Imagine the graphics on this amazing highly engineered laptop

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