NBA 2K23: Cover Athlete Devin Booker

On the path to greatness. Answer the call in #NBA2K23 with our Cover Athlete Devin Booker.

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  1. should’ve been curry

  2. Tbh I was expecting ja morant

  3. Willie Sanders

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant

  4. Why is it animated…. I also don’t know why DB is the cover art? Bruh u could picked soo much more better options he’s good but nothing special really happened this year

  5. Uchiha Kakashi

    NBA 2k23: Luka special edition

  6. I Don’t think in my opinion Devin booker should be in the cover he as to Accomplish A little bit more stuff

  7. 2K lost me forever with 2022 version. Going to take my time and money else ware until they make a major turnaround.

  8. You could have pick the one who actually went to the finals and WON but you pick a guy that lost a 2-0 lead and got blown out by 50 points in the playoffs 2k DO BETTER🗑

  9. Didn’t know 2K be releasing a flopper and choker edition

  10. Jeremiah Kellum

    Finally he is on the cover he deserved it for a while… next is ja Morant

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