NBA 2K Includes Unskippable Ads – Inside Gaming Daily

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  1. UPDATE: Many of you guys pointed out that EA makes NBA Live, which is a viable alternative to NBA 2K. We missed mentioning that, thank you for the correction!

  2. lol now i wanna watch Snowfall ?

  3. I know I’m going to look like an ass hole but…

    depreciate /dəˈprēSHēˌāt/ to diminish in value over a period of time.
    deprecate /ˈdeprəˌkāt/ express disapproval of.

    Now I know deprecate is listed as another word for depreciate, BUT that is only because people use the wrong one too often. They do look similar but they mean different things. (Lawrence used deprecate, that is why I am posting this.)

    Other than that, another great video! I hope this type of ad does not make it into any more games.

  4. I remember server-side ads in a little racing game called Test Drive Unlimited. These were Knorr instant chinese soup ads.

  5. Wow lol. Just wow.

  6. There will never not be a need for some kind of constant revenue stream for games anymore they are getting more and more expensive to make. At the end of the day these publishers are running a business they gotta make their money back somehow, I get it. Unfortunatly none of them have found a way that doesn’t piss SOMEONE off and I fear they never will.

  7. Its a 2k game so honestly id just quit playing it with the add bs…. That said 60 for a 2k game is way to much maybe 20 due to the limitid life span of the game

  8. Why are they always wearing such tight shirts?

  9. Jim: “triple AYYY gaming”

  10. I remember there being ads in G.R.A.W as on billboards. This was early 360 life cycle

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