Natalie Noel’s 6 Month Body Transformation

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Natalie Noel took it upon herself to impact her life both mentally and physically by jutting to a fitness regiment and becoming the greatest variation of herself. Watch Ilya take Natalie through her transfiguration where she loses 30 pounds in half a year! SHOP THE NATALIE NOEL BUNDLE that involves XEELA® Ashwagandha gummies, The 8 Week Fitness Guide by XEELA® in cooperation with Natalie Noel, The Limited Merch Drop and more all at

Natalie went from:
164.3lbs to 134.4lbs
37.3% to 26.6% body-fat
8:32 to 6:39 mile time

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Produced By: Ilya Fedorovich, Alex Neumann, and Isabela Lopez


  1. Natalie Rodriguez

    I waited for this because I knew I kept seeing the changes. I’m so happy for her and is a freaking GIRLBOSS!

  2. Just helped me decide to get up and go to the gym on my day off ❤🎉 😅 I love Natalie’s personality I’ve never seen this much of it haha! You are a warrior !

  3. Wtf is that thumbnail

  4. diariesofatraveler

    GOOO NAT!!! 🎉🥹

  5. Omg I don’t know why I love these videos so much but I do

  6. Necessary_Activitys

    That shot was 👌

  7. “No one ever has weighted the way I look as being more valuable than who I am.” – THAT part. I admire Natalie’s confidence through all stages of the journey. You will only stay consistent if you come from a place of love for your body and not hate.

  8. IM NEXT !!! 😊

  9. lets fkn go!!!!!! this inspired me so so so much. I wish Ilya can train with me lol

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