Nantes vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

A hard earned away draw sees Nantes go home to France with the chance to take down one of the most famed clubs in Italy, Juventus.

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  1. As an Argentine, I will be just as upset to see DiMaria retire as I will when Messi does. Te amo fideo!! 🫶🏼

  2. That red card seemed harsh, no?

  3. These handballs I swear. All these players have to do is get in the box and aim for hands.

  4. That opening goal. Brilliant☝️☝️☝️☝️

  5. Such a golazo del fideo 🇦🇷 the first one

  6. how many times have you watched that first goal?
    me- “yes”

  7. Angel Di Maria if very UNDERRATED he was even thinking about retiring and becoming a police men in Argentina

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