Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox

What mystery Christmas gifts did Santa leave under our tree for us, and Megan Fox? We are going to just give them a little shake to figure out. GMM #1435

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Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck
Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music:
Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones


  1. He shouldve said its been too long since i had oolong

  2. Oh baby those thumbs , up close and personal

  3. Just from this video, you obtained a new viewer to your new Legends of the Lost!!! I didn’t even see any advertisements for it on the channels I watch, I LOVE those kinds of shows!! I can’t wait until it comes on 🙂 *bookmarking it in my TV guide app* lol


  5. Bring Misha Collins on the show!

  6. Wow Link & Rhett were pretty antagonistic with each other on that first present.

  7. damn Megan’s IQ is lower than a bottle of water.

  8. Megan Fox is still hot

  9. Megan Fox would have been an awesome Lara Croft in the tomb raider movie

  10. A Peep Hole To My Soul

    We put these celebrities to high standards and become control freaks to their every action, it’s not a women’s job to act a certain way in situations,she shouldn’t have to put on some Grande act to entertain us, she just chillin and was participating and having a good time chill out ppl sheesh

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