My Zeal for Wheels

▶ I can not be the only a single who struggles w wheels,, right?


▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium – to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC – background art
▶ Wacom DTK2260 – screen tablet for drawing/animating (but I suggest basic cheap no-screen tablets from Wacom for newcomers)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC – to edit and compile


– I am regretful, I am not available to do lines for video clips anymore; I have gotten truly occupied 🙁

– I am NOT searching for animation or video clip help! I appreciate your graciousness. I am not in a place where I need to employ folks, not even for free.

#illymation #WHEELZ


  1. what video topics do u wanna see from me in the future? i have some ideas in mind (childhood stories, family stories, video games) but lemme know what you’re looking forward to <3 thank you guys as always for your support!

    • Hello! I hope you’re doing well. I just want to share a quick message with you; one which may possibly change your life forever. With all that’s going on in the world I believe that there’s no greater time than this to put your faith and trust in the Savior and Messiah Yahusha (Jesus Christ). No matter how far gone you seem; I just want you to know that you’re never too far gone. He does not delight in the perishing of the wicked but He wants all to come into repentance, so I just want to invite you today, to turn away from your sins and to seek the Father, Yahuah while He may be found. He loves you so very much. He created you with a purpose and the fact that He’s continuing to give you the breath of life shows that He’s not done with you. I hope this message touches your heart and that you turn away from this wicked world and put your faith and trust in Yahusha. God bless you!

    • Well, how about Ghost stories?!

    • giulian0 duarte s0sa

      Videogames Stories , Cheers from Paraguay!!!

    • pst i kinda skate everyday you can kinda drag your foot to stop kinda

  2. “I skated like Lightning McQueen…”
    Meanwhile I can’t even walk in rollerskates without falling down-

  3. Have you tried a car yet? I enjoy it most.

  4. Seeing the rink in this animation brings back memories, and a question I never thought to ask : Do all Roller Rinks have carpet that looks like it was stolen from the background of the Saved By The Bell intro?

  5. Joshua9875 Gaming

    colinfurze made a jet scooter

  6. Fibi? Is that you?

  7. Rhiannon Smudge

    scooters > bikes
    1. bikes are terrifying, you need to go too fast in order to maintain balance, and you can’t stop yourself from falling over because your feet can’t reach the ground and your body is too busy being wrapped around this metal contraption to save yourself
    2. with a scooter, you can do an emergency stop with your feet if need be, you’re used to the center of balance because you’re just standing up, and you have handles to help you keep that balance
    3. scooters are like the perfect hybrid between a bike and a skateboard
    4. you can ride a scooter on the sidewalk, but you have to use a bike lane if you’re on a bike (at least in my town), meaning you have to dodge cars if you ride a bike
    5. scooters are massively underrated
    6. did I mention how scary bikes can be?
    thanks for coming to my Ted talk

  8. blanket buddies

    We have the same birthday AND we both struggled with riding bikes?!

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