My Wireless Seatpost has a giant problem… Let us hack it!

I love my Rockshox Reverb AXS dropper post. It is solid, works rapidly, looks good, and is operated wirelessly. I am unwilling to use another dropper post, particularly one with a cable release, but it is beginning to look like a good notion. The battery in the back of the Reverb hits into my tire when the rear suspension compresses all the way. Today, we are going to seek a solution for this issue.

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  1. See! The RC addiction is helpful! Tell my wife!

  2. I literally just finished installing mine about 30 minutes ago.

  3. Evansignio43 Gaming

    just get a wired seat post

  4. have u tried rotating ur sadle?

  5. Love it, “For the six of you that have this problem…” Great video, as always!

  6. Andy Bidlingmaier

    DON’T CUT IT!!!!!!!!!! Too late, oh well.

  7. I’ve seen other people complaining that their saddle would hit the wheel if they used a dropper too low (and long). Not a problem for me, a hardtail (poor) rider.

  8. This dude drops more money on his bike than I do on a frikkin car XD

  9. Amila Abeygunasekara

    Modern problems need modern solutions 🤣

  10. What is stopping you from turning the post 180 degrees in the frame?

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