1. Primrose Nompumelelo Raphepela

    💔💔💔 damn I knew something was wring coz that was not you

  2. It’s never that deep to put yourself and everyone around you in danger. Worrying about what people will say is stupid especially when you’re health is at stake. Either way it sounds like you’re making an excuse for losing the fight. Hopefully he’s learned from this and remembers what’s more important. Good luck 👍

  3. I was really upset when Austin decided to stop boxing after just losing 1 fight. Now that I see why, it makes me think otherwise. I’m glad you’re going back into it! Good luck dude😊 just remember, you win some and you lose some. You’ll be alright

    • Anthony Hernandez

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You fans ignorantly follow an evil man even after he’s been exposed so many times for being a shitty human being

  4. ca cap, he’s just pissed that he talked all that shit, and couldn’t back it up in the ring.

  5. bitch made

  6. Austin❤that says a lot about you and this is just the beginning for you . wishing you the best.

  7. You so selfish boy

  8. I just Don’t believe you, more like you had an hangover and your nerves got the better of you on the day, Looks all staged to me. Gib put the hours in training hard and getting into shape for the fight and it paid off, you on the other hand went out drinking, eating junk food ( was seen on camera) and did little to no cardio at all, you lost end of


  10. This is crazy. He says he was in a black room but clearly it’s people in his room n he isn’t sleep 😂

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