my trip home was a catastrophe *moving part 2*

HELLO!! welcome to part 2 of my expedition moving home. I am so eager to finally be back in Colorado and I hope you get pleasure from this cluster of pandemonium. Have an astonishing week LOVE YOU SO MUCH



  1. ON THE ROAD AGAIN I love you and hope you’re having an amazing weekend

  2. We have plenty of random stop lights in the middle of nowhere because they’re either doing or need to do roadworks..

  3. The crew neck looks so cozy! Where is it from???

  4. I can’t believe she went to the Navajo nation

  5. I love you!!! I just wish that you would post more often. but i will always watch you youtube every time you do post

  6. Illuminated Gecko

    Me: someone who says okie dokie all the time 🥺

  7. Morgan acts like she’s never been taught a single thing about the dangers of taking free drinks from male strangers. Same thing with Dave too.

  8. *Brooke – Morgan – Trinity* make it happen bih!

  9. Now, I have something new to think about when I pass or stop at that dinky traffic light on my way to visit relatives lol It’s cool to see you guys were near and driving through the Navajo Reservation! & Congrats to the next chapter in your life! I’m excited for ya!

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