My theatrical cat Luigi’s vet visits

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  1. Remember to visit The Battle Cats each day through Jan 16, 2023 for login stamps and free gifts! Download and play The Battle Cats for free:

  2. SpaceRabbitXoXo🌌🐇

    Luigi us better than Luigi or the cat is better then the hooman

  3. Oh man, I have a barn cat in the end stages of cancer, don’t worry, I am keeping him comfortable and happy. He is not used to being put in a carrier or a car or being indoors…He puts up a hell of a fight at the vet and I take point…and actually hold him down. He’s even painfully bitten me a couple of times. I love ya kitty ❤❤

  4. We love Luigi!

  5. You need a better vet if you don’t get free visits for 90 days after you pay for a visit. Seriously. I drive my kitty to a freaking cat/dog cancer specialist and they even give free care for 90 days after I pay for a visit. My kitty needs monthly injections, about 8 meds…but he is happy and healthy in action and appearance, even if it won’t last much longer.

  6. Drama cat

  7. Imagine having a “Project Playtime” role in Among Us

  8. small tip to anyone who’s cat is being very antifood: gerber chicken baby food. the one that’s just chicken and corn starch and nothing else (cos those other additives can be really bad for cats). it’s not a complete meal so it can’t be a primary diet staple, but most cats will go for it to get them eating again after they’ve had a spook and are afraid to eat. It can also help get them to take medicine, especially if you have a capsule that can be broken open and mixed into something. Something like a spoonful of baby food.

    I had to get a bunch of them when my cat had his dental surgery to get him to take his meds, but it worked like a charm.

  9. 5:05 WaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaaAaaAaAaAaa

  10. The dramatic Tom from Tom and Jerry

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