My Roblox Account Was Banned

do not play any of these roblox games!




  1. I am a person:)

    Roblox getting outta hand, if game devolopers have the power to do this then think about the other things they are capable of….

  2. plz do an update when it’s over

  3. If a popular game u played a while have no one is playing then ye… u know, somethings off

  4. bingle boner flapping

    Kreekcraft help thebloxmissingcase is actually missing and somoene just told me idk but im 6 years old and my mommy say it bad

  5. Sorry kreek man well noo roblox forever

  6. hello your Computer has virus

    The purple Dominus dude got that too

  7. I’m about to quit Roblox because of this

  8. These things that happen these people it’s all just so cruel and the twitch streamer did not deserve that I’ve never seen them I could see a piece of the chat that was blurred and someone was laughing putting like “lollll LLLL” and that’s just so sad they knew what was gonna happen 💔

  9. Speed joined it too

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