My residence is NOT nasty

My residence is tidy mario…


Check out the homies who made this achieveable:

Songs used:
Some video game shit
A rendition of luigi mansion by our kid Zalinki


  1. SomeThingElseYT

    Context: This is animated by two buddies of mine, Adamx and Nunu91011, who just thought this clip from my twitch was funny. Didnt even ask, they are just really chill people who wanted to make some funny stuff! Asked if i could show u guys and they said “hell yes”. Really appreciate them. Gave me something to post while you wait for the big boy stuff i got planned! Thank you for your patience :D. Also follow my twitch 🙂

  2. Rip Weegee

  3. “peach left me man”

    *that got me WHEEZING*

    also your friends did a great job animating this-

  4. YummyBuddhaHead

    The Phoenix Wright music at the beginning MADE this

  5. Thato Chanthunya

    “Peach left me man:(“

  6. yay a video

  7. “Peach left me man”

  8. This deservs way more views

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