My Quest for the Worst Secret Menu Item

The dark council will never stop our expedition!


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  1. Enrique Aquiahuatl

    I’m sorry, but calling a combination of several menu items a secret menu item is like calling pissy shities a secret item.
    What I mean by this is that you will not complete your journey until you face the pissy shities

  2. Guaruntee that passenger side floor was covered in fast food trash.

  3. Man your editing is as on point as ever man, I get excited every time you post! Keep up the good work bro

  4. I work at McDonald’s and if u ask me this I whould have been like fuck u

  5. Ah yes, Ted “talking skills” Nivison

  6. I can’t believe you never went to Starbucks the secret menu haven

  7. When I workd at Arby’s we’d tell everyone who wanted a meat mountain no

  8. at someone who used to work at starbucks, unless the customers know the recipes themselves, we weren’t gonna make whatever “secret” menu item they wanted lmao

  9. Burger King ham and cheese = ham egg and cheese croissanwich on the burger bun with no egg.

  10. Bro that’s wild because the ham and cheese is literally on our kids menu. (Or was when I worked there about 2-3 years ago) he definitely just didn’t wanna get the ham out which is typically only used for breakfast items. 😂

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