my pool

Honestly, I would rather be in here.

Gus Johnson
PO BOX 360616
Los Angeles, CA 90036

this is a video clip where i discuss how much i like my pool

Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.

Thanks for viewing and sharing! Do not stab folks. I will catch you later.


  1. honestly not even a problem but if you want to follow me on twitter to let me know how to get outta here that’d be great @Gusbuckets

  2. I was getting so damn anxious waiting for him to fall into the pool.

  3. tell me im pretty

    I think he can really swim and he just wanted his son to pay attention to him

  4. “intel acquired”?
    wait a minute…
    dads don’t play TF2

  5. wouldn’t Gus just be great on the office or parks and rec

  6. Can we call this character Stu? ( From the ‘my back yard episode’)
    I love Stu.

  7. Geeeee whiz

  8. distracted thread

    Christopher robins

  9. Does It Really Matter?

    I actually found something good on trending!

    Took a while

    I actually read with the headphones on (I listen to the audiobook and read)

  10. “That’s just dissatisfactory” my new phrase. I call dibs

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