My Own Popsicle! (I Ate It!)

The video clip we have all been waiting for! The BrentTV Popsicle! I never supposed that there was anybody out there with enough prowess to really make a BrentTV Popsicle! But the internet has proven me mistaken! The astonishing Mistress Melt on YouTube/TikTok is a Popsicle gourmand and took the time to build me into a flavorful Popsicle! But not only that! She dispatched it to me! I have been waiting for this day for years! Enjoy!

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  1. Amazing vid!! The world needs a BrentTv popsicle! Btw…Razzle Dazzle Vanilla flavored with a side of Burp 😉

  2. Bubbles the mochis

    They need to make a REAL Brent popsicle

  3. i wouldn’t buy one since im lactose intolerance

  4. O mi god brent thats cool popsicles

  5. 4:40 is when he eats it

  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Adamari Schaeffer

    The popsicle looks sooo good

  8. That looks super good Brent!

  9. Get a Ness popsicle 💙💛💙💛

  10. Good

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