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  1. Holy cow this vlog is a blast from the past! Welcome back legend.

  2. You look so happy to B back….its great…congrats Casey! 🌞

  3. Love it man you can see the sparkle in you being back in NYC 🔥 And what have i done everyday for the past 12 years play guitar constantly haha!

  4. Casey being back is everything

  5. Leny's Travel Be Free

    I love New York I love Casey ❤️🌹❤️😜

  6. You are one of my biggest inspirations! I one day would love to make a video with you.

  7. Welcome back, Casey! So excited to keep up on your videos again!

  8. This feels like old times but in new times I love it

  9. I knew you would move back you guys loved it too much

  10. He’s back! NYC is complete again 🙂

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