My Loss From My Side ~ Anthony Joshua

A moment to reflect with you now that the dust has settled #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua


  1. This guy a fucking monster

  2. Rolando Garcia

    He will be back such a class act

  3. Ilija Stojanovski

    you dont need too make excuses we could all see you got your ass whooped lol your smart enough too know that trying to explain too humanity in any kind of other way then saying out loud i lost it will confuse there brain and they will turn on you like the mad rabbit dogs they are.. good luck round 2 !! keep your jab tight and uppercut with your left and hes all yours even jump into him if you have too like he jumped into you but dont put your head down for him too catch you because your instinct too protect yourself is too put you head down but hes so much smaller your putting it on a chopping block .. so stand tall and use your back muscles too accumulate power and strictly the weight of your arms .. you will lose a little bit of power but do not bob and wave and use your hips ..

  4. the most difficult word for a man to phase is “ACCEPTANCE”

  5. You’ve got the heart of lion. A true inspiration.

  6. If you truly were fine mentally and 100% fine going into that fight then I suggest you should retire if that’s you at 100%. Your getting worse not better and why were u so happy to lose to a fat man embarrassing.

  7. The cool thing about Anthony Joshua is that he puts all of his fights on his youtube channel.


  8. kenneth risner

    belt, or no belt, you’re a champion Joshua.

  9. You’re such a refreshingly humble role model for our yout… Keep your gloves up and we’ll see you back stronger, Champ!

  10. Stand up dude … well said big guy , keep on keeping on ??

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