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  1. I think she spoke so fast to just clear up what she wanted before getting too emotional. Refund, brand new lipstick ??‍♀️ what more could you ask for. Good on you Jaclyn ???

  2. Μαρία Καρταλίδου

    I believe her.It make sense.

  3. Regarding the white fibers: Okay yes, not acceptable at all. But like y’all….. is it that big of a deal? Like she said, not harmful. So, while it’s not cool, you’re fine…

  4. Why support this tacky, hanging from the huge diamond, bathing in lipstick, hairy ass brand, when you can support someone with integrity, like Lisa Eldridge. Everyone should learn their lesson from this, and grow tf up.

  5. Well shit you talk fast


  7. I still have faith in you Jaclyn. Stay strong and withstand this storm. Better things are coming ? love you!!!! ???

  8. Gabrielle Geleta

    Why’s she’s so pissy at us she’s fucking yelling at us like it’s are fault or something …..

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