My Ideal Thanksgiving Dinner

This is my ideal thanksgiving because you have requested years and I love you.


  1. Boston market but better and make sure u so the sweet potatoes

  2. love this but it’s so overexposed as a video

  3. Well done sir 🤌🏼

  4. Yeah I’m eating dessert first too at this point. Just in case I die before I’m done eating.

  5. Honestly love the amount of vegetable sides here

  6. I love Joel goes “this is straight out of Top Gun”, it would have been a fantastic time for Scar to appear.

  7. i saw no deviled eggs and cried a bit

  8. Awesome dude…thanks!! New ideas!!

  9. I was shaking, and nodding my head at everything until you said “olives” lol. I’ve tried olives so many times before, and every time I’ve tried them, they’re just so gross. They’re unbelievably salty, bitter, and briny. The flavor of them always overpowers whatever they’re apart of. The only good thing about an olive is the pimento that’s inside of them lol. However, I absolutely love brussels sprouts.

  10. dude what happened to your vids? they’re so fast nowadays like bro what’s the hurry?

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