My Honest Thoughts On Deji vs Floyd Mayweather

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  1. 4:44 og fans remember Deji was athletic as a kid, he was built

  2. U know what Ethan “behzinga” should start doing vidz lil jj he’ll do good ngl

  3. If Deji had JJ’s work ethic he’d be better than Jake Paul

  4. Should’ve said Gohan cause he’s got the most potential of them all.

  5. Chances are 100% coz I’ve done it m8

  6. 5:45 Man, I get where JJ is coming from, but come on, we’re talking about someone who has 30-40 years of boxing experience and Deji and JJ have been 4-5 years maybe of boxing. JJ is talking as if it’s easy to knock out Mayweather. WHO HAS NEVER LOST BTW. Jake Paul has a better chance of doing well than JJ and Deji’s chances combined. I thought Deji did well, like what was he meant to do? Knock out Mayweather to do well? Come on, I get it mentality is vital, but then there’s ego, and JJ has too much of that imo. It’s worked for him, but it could work against him. It’s easier said than done to knock out Floyd, who’s regarded as one of the best boxers of all time.

  7. Every fucking time deji loses ksi turns his back on him and says he didn’t work hard enough, bro it’s annoying honestly losing respect

  8. Nah deji worked hard he’s now training with Daley there’s no way deji could have won this fight but he did better than most YouTubers would have

  9. JJ wants that Floyd fight so badly. He’s the only one of the 4 spazketeers that hasn’t had a go yet

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